In this section you will learn how to get information about installed graphics conrollers and connected displays:

For function reference and examples we assume, that we imported systeminformation as follows:

const si = require('systeminformation');

Graphics Controllers, Displays

All functions in this section return a promise or can be called with a callback function (parameter cb in the function reference)

Function Result object Linux BSD Mac Win Sun Comments {...} X X X arrays of graphics controllers and displays
controllers[] X X X graphics controllers array
...[0].model X X X graphics controller model
...[0].vendor X X X e.g. ATI
...[0].bus X X X on which bus (e.g. PCIe)
...[0].vram X X X VRAM size (in MB)
...[0].vramDynamic X X X true if dynamicly allocated ram
displays[] X X X monitor/display array
...[0].vendor X monitor/display vendor
...[0].model X X X monitor/display model
...[0].main X X X true if main monitor
...[0].builtin X X true if built in monitor
...[0].connection X X X e.g. DisplayPort, HDMI
...[0].sizex X X X size in mm horizontal
...[0].sizey X X X size in mm vertical
...[0].pixeldepth X X X color depth in bits
...[0].resolutionx X X X pixel horizontal
...[0].resolutiony X X X pixel vertical
...[0].currentResX X X X current pixel horizontal
...[0].currentResY X X X current pixel vertical
...[0].positionX X screen position X
...[0].positionY X screen position Y
...[0].currentRefreshRate X X current refresh rate