In this section you will learn how to get detailed information about available wifi networks:

For function reference and examples we assume, that we imported systeminformation as follows:

const si = require('systeminformation');

Wifi Networks

All functions in this section return a promise or can be called with a callback function (parameter cb in the function reference)

Function Result object Linux BSD Mac Win Sun Comments
si.wifiNetworks(cb) [{...}] X X X X X array of available wifi networks
[0].ssid X X X Wifi network SSID
[0].bssid X X X BSSID (mac)
[0].mode X mode
[0].channel X X X channel
[0].frequency X X X frequengy in MHz
[0].signalLevel X X X signal level in dB
[0].quality X X X quaility in %
[0].security X X X array e.g. WPA, WPA-2
[0].wpaFlags X X X array of WPA flags
[0].rsnFlags X array of RDN flags